About Hat Trick Consultants

Hat Trick Consultants, LLC is a rapidly growing specialized firm that provides comprehensive consulting and management services for indoor sports facilities. Our approach is to merge the vision our clients have for their venue with HTC’s expertise and to become a unified voice throughout every step of the development. From the moment our clients decide to consider a new facility project, all the way through the final completion, HTC is the strong and consistent advocate our clients need to ensure that their vision and objectives are achieved.

HTC is at the center of the constant interaction that occurs between the owner and all other project stakeholders. The architect, contractors, municipalities and facility operators will all have critical issues related to their involvement and necessary to serve their roles and responsibilities. HTC actively manages each of those critical issues on a daily basis to make sure that everyone involved in the project is kept fully informed and on task.

Market Feasibility Studies: HTC has yet to find a community that couldn’t use more sport and recreation facilities. That being said, not all market studies come back with a positive recommendation to move forward. Local economies, oversaturation of the market place, existing price points at local competitors, high land costs and many other factors contribute to whether or not a for-profit facility can provide the return-on-investment needed to move forward. For those studies which do come back with favorable recommendations, HTC’s extensive knowledge base of developing and operating successful facilities will provide an invaluable resource to those groups ready to jump into this business.